Week One

The first couple days of build season was filled with brainstorming and strategy sessions. We divided into three sub-teams and each team had two nights to come up with a basic robot design and prototype made out of cardboard, legos, or kinects. On the third night we all came together and each sub-team presented their ideas. Once all the ideas were out on the table, we began to throw out what would work and what wouldn’t. At the end of the third night our team had a pretty clear picture of what our robot would do and look like.

Our main priority was to create a robot with a low center of gravity to enable our robot to balance easily on the bridges. Our offensive strategy is to use a dumping mechanism to score in the 1st and 2nd baskets in hybrid and teleoperated modes.  For the drive train, the team voted to use mechanum wheels.

Week one finished up with work starting on a prototype of the robot made from scrap wood and cardboard.