Week Two

Building of the final prototype was a priority for this week. The frame and ball in-take system was the first task on the to-do list. When this was successfully plotted out, Zach and Jude began to work on CAD. The rest of the build team worked on the lift and ball delivery system. By the end of the week, the prototype was finished, sample game elements such as the bridge were complete and work was beginning on the actual robot frame.

In other areas, work continued on the Chairman’s and Woodie Flowers Awards. The website team nearly has the site complete. The programming team converted the new 2012 image on the cRIO and worked with various sensors such as gyros and encoders. The 2012 team shirt design is complete and ready to be ordered. Our team also made a FIRST robotics presentation to a local 4-H club.

Here is a look at our team in action this week.