Week Four

Week four was filled with great progress in all areas of the team.

Build Team: This past week the build team was very busy perfecting the ball conveyor, adding the basket in which the balls will sit, completing the bumpers and installing motors. Our current robot weight is 111lbs.

Controls Team: The controls team main priority last week was working on a test electrical board. This will allow them to continue testing controls after the production controls are mounted on the robot. They also now  understand how all the controls in this years game work on the robot and in code. They wrote various utility classes to make coding and debugging easier.

Promotional Team: The promotional team has finished our team flyer, and business cards. Work has begun on the 2012 Pit Book; pages have been assigned to various students to write up, and the general assembly of the book has begun. Materials for team awards have arrived  and will begin construction on Monday.

Four weeks down, two to go!