Week Six

It’s just three days until bag and tag and we’re defiantly working under crunch time. All three major award essays were submitted on time along with the website. Even though all the essays have been submitted there’s still much work to be done on them. Such as Chairman’s Presentation and video. Both the build team and controls team have been tweaking the robot continuously, earnestly working out all the kinks before time is up.

Progress has begun on preparing for our first regional in Kansas City. After bag and tag the build team will continue to work on our new pit.

Last night we held tryouts for 2012’s Drive Team. The Tryouts consisted of a written test of rules regarding matches and a driving test. Each driver trying out had to complete the course that was set up, as fast as they could. Anytime they hit a cone, missed a basketball, or failed to balance on the bridge within 25 seconds, they received a 5-10 second penalty.

Towards the end of week six, Up Next! traveled  to Lee’s Summit High School to scrimmage against the three teams located there: Team Titanium, Team Driven and Team Broncobots. This gave us some much needed practice with other robots which we found very helpful last year.