2012 Kansas City Regional

Here is an overview on how we did at the KC Regional last weekend:

Going into the competition we didn’t really know what to expect, but once we got there, we realized our scissor lift robot, Wilson, was authentic. All other 63 teams were shooter type robots using some kind of wheel or catapult system to score.

Day One: The first day of the KC Regional our team was busy setting up and organizing the pit, getting the robot inspected, and running the robot through several practice matches. There were also various meetings held that day for the drive team and safety captain. We had very few changes to make after inspections which allowed us to be on the practice field the majority of the day.

Day Two: The second day was by far one of the most memorable days any member on the team had experienced within FIRST robotics. Our robot had exceeded all of our expectations and ran well in every single match. Because of our 100% consistent autonomous/hybrid mode we were undefeated. Again, we were a completely unique robot at the regional so there was A LOT of buzz going around about our team.  We realized by lunch time that balancing on the coopertition bridge was vital to remaining one of the top seeded teams. Our biggest surprise of the day came during the awards ceremony where our team was blessed to be awarded the Engineering Excellence Award for our unique scissor-lift design!

Day Three: We began our first two matches with some connection problems to the field which left us dead in the water after autonomous. We got it fixed by the third match that day and after that third and final match we were ranked #1 overall! The excitement on our team was immeasurable. By alliance picking time, we were down to #2 but that was okay with us.  We ended up forming the number two alliance with team 525, Swart Dogs and team 1802, Stealth.

Quarter-finals went great for us and we had some real nail biting last minute bridge balances by our alliance partners which helped us win one of the matches by 2 points. Semi-Finals started out okay, but in the middle of the 2nd match, we had connection problems again. We ended up losing the semi-finals. It was a sad loss but we never expected to go that far to begin with. This regional was an amazing experience for our team and we are all super excited for our next regional in Oklahoma City!