The Ninja-Chickens that are Up Next!

Up Next! has recently returned from the 2012 FIRST Oklahoma City Regional. Going to this regional was an amazing experience and we’re looking forward to returning next year!

Day One: During the KC Regional, we realized the need for a faster conveyor. We immediately began installing the changes to the conveyor and bridge tipper after setting up our pit. On the conveyor, we added a different, more powerful, motor and a gearbox so that it spun many times faster. We also replaced the wheels on the bridge tipper and improved its ability to hold the bridge by giving it a motor with higher torque. These changes helped us tremendously throughout the competition.

Day Two: We were scheduled to give our Chairman’s presentation at 10:15 Friday morning. Our Chairman’s team was really nervous going in, but their fears melted away as soon as they walked into the room. We prayed together before the Chairman’s team went in and those waiting outside prayed the whole way through. The judges seemed really impressed with our progress as a second-year team. We started off the rounds by winning our first match 33-0. We carried this momentum to the end of the day and third place by winning five more matches while losing only one. The day ended with the awards ceremony where we were blessed to be receive both the Website Award and the Creativity in Design Award for our unique scissor lift.

Day Three: On Saturday morning, we finished the qualifying rounds as the 1st seeded team! We were fortunate to be on a great alliance with FRC team 1540, The Flaming Chickens from Portland, Oregon, and FRC team 2395, the Ninja Munkees from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These two fantastic teams helped us remain undefeated all throughout the elimination rounds. Thank you so much to both teams! We look forward to seeing you again at the FIRST Robotics Championship in St. Louis.

Yes, you read that right, Up Next! is headed to St. Louis for the Championship! We can’t wait to show everyone there what we can do with Christ’s help. Praise the Lord for everything that has happened to us this season, and for all the truly great things that will continue to happen!