2012 Information Night

Parents and students of all ages assembled at MCC-BTC for a Robotics Information Night hosted by our team on June 14th. The evening began with everyone viewing a video of the 2012 build season- six weeks of work condensed into two minutes, followed by a brief introduction of the team and mentors by Mr. Fritts. Upper elementary/middle school aged students were then led to a separate room where they were able to participate in a series of electricity experiments led by Mrs. Lawrence and a brief introduction to FIRST Lego League led by Mrs. Fritts.

The high school students and current team members gathered with head mentor, Mr. Ousley to “fix” Wilson and take a look at all his components. Students were given a chance to drive the robot followed by a tour of our facilities and FabLab. Parents were given a run down of the time commitments, expenses, and had a chance to get any questions answered by mentors, Mrs. Ousley and Mr. Fritts. We are very excited to welcome five new students to our team and can’t wait to introduce science and robotics to a group of younger students as well!