2012 Kansas City Maker Faire

What is a Maker Faire? It is a celebration of things people create themselves. But unlike a typical Arts and Crafts show you may see at the local mall, a Maker Faire includes new technology, electronic gizmos, urban farming, and yes- Robotics! Gathered in historic Union Station in Kansas City, Up Next! was excited to be a part of the FIRST presentations by the KC STEM alliance. A full-sized playing field was assembled and FRC teams from eight area high schools and home schools were on hand to demonstrate Rebound Rumble to attendees.

On Saturday, while many teams were having trouble getting wireless communication established, our team was fortunate to be “up and running” from the beginning. We were able to give kids aged 6-18 a chance to drive Wilson around the field and score baskets. Towards the end of the day, we participated in a few friendly matches with other local teams. The matches and demonstrations continued throughout the weekend into Sunday. In addition to our participation on the field, team members were on hand in the pit area to answer questions from the estimated 10,000 people in attendance. There was also displays by FTC & FLL teams. It was a fun and exciting way to educate the general public about FIRST and its many programs.