2013 Kickoff/Quick Build

DSC_0845Bright and early this morning, FRC teams from the Kansas City region met at Garmin for the revealing of the 2013 game challenge. Kickoff is always exciting because it marks the beginning of the six week design and build season. FRC teams have the opportunity to meet, compare notes, get ideas, connect with other teams, learn the game challenge, and pick up their brand new Kit of Parts which contains various components that can be incorporated into the robot. The highlight of Kickoff was watching the live NASA feed and learning what challenge FIRST has given the team for 2013. After listening to Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers talk, the moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived. The 2013 FRC game is Ultimate Ascent. It is a combination of Ultimate Frisbee with an end game of climbing a pyramid for bonus points. The game will be difficult, but Up Next is up to the challenge.

DSC_0900After the Kickoff, there was a short lunch break and then we were off to co-host Quick Build. The purpose of a Quick Build is to help local rookie teams get off and running with their basic robot frame, electrical and programming systems. Teams in attendance break up into sub-teams and attend the various sessions. Mentors from Up Next led the programming and frame construction sessions and veteran team members assisted the rookie teams in attendance. At the end of the day, teams came back together and had a working, driving robot structure.  We were excited to be able to help these teams get started on their 2013 robot and look forward to seeing them in competition.