2013 Kansas City Regional

Arriving at Hale Arena on Thursday morning, the team knew we didn’t have any time to waste. After withholding Sherman’s shooting mechanism, the build team needed to work quickly to get Shooter 2.0 reattached and get the robot inspected. Our programming team still needed time to tweak our various autonomous programs and the drive team needed practice. Finally around 3:00 in the afternoon, we were ready to take the field for the very first time. The team spent the rest of the day on the practice field working out the kinks. While the build and programming teams were busy getting Sherman ready for the field, the rest of the team members were busy scouting the pits and assuming their roles as Student Ambassadors and members of the Media Team.
DSC_0023 IMG_5703
Our performance on the field on Friday started out slow, but as the day moved on, we gradually moved our way up the rankings. Our drive team was getting more comfortable with the controls and the autonomous program successfully shot 5 discs. By the time qualifications rounds finished on Saturday morning, we had a record of 8-2 and were ranked 6th.

IMG_5946During alliance selections, we were the 4th seeded alliance captains. We were excited to draft team 2996, Cougars Gone Wired, and our fellow homeschoolers, team 1825, Metro Homeschool Robotics as our partners. We made it past the quarterfinal round by winning 2-1 and moved on to the semi-finals where we would face the #1 alliance of 1986, 1806, and 2457.  After losing the first match, we took the field again and played the most exciting match of the weekend. We won that match 136-119, giving Team Titanium their first and only loss in 2013 Ultimate Ascent competition. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough power to win the rubber band match and our competition ended there.

We were, however, extremely surprised to win the Team Spirit Award on Friday evening. We are not an overly enthusiastic team; our members are stretched across many roles over the course of the weekend. We do get a lot of support from siblings (homeschoolers do have quite a few), parents, and grandparents. This must have stood out in the judges eyes. As a condition for winning this award and to our embarrassment, we were asked to lead the crowd in several dances during breaks in the action. We are thankful to be able to check this particular award off of the list of possible awards to receive. We will be sure to be very quiet in Arkansas though;)