2013 Razorback Regional

The time between the Kansas City Regional and the Razorback Regional was hectic for members of the Chairman’s team. The presentation had to be written and rehearsed. Team interviews were conducted and compiled into the three minute video. Judges books were printed.

DSC_0085We were very excited to be a part of the inaugural Razorback Regional held in Fayetteville, Arkansas. For most of the season, 35 teams were registered and waiting to attend. As the weekend drew closer, more teams began to register at the last minute and the final count was 42 teams, including 12 rookie teams. Unlike Kansas City, when we arrived there were only a few modifications needed to be made to Sherman and we were able to get on the field shortly after lunch time.

While our drivers were testing out the field, our mentors and other team members were busy helping other teams get their robots ready for inspection. It was a busy day. Meanwhile, our Chairman’s team was busy going around to the pits promoting our Hero Project to help Disabled American Veterans.

With so many rookie teams present, match results were pretty unpredictable. We were able to perform pretty well over the course of the weekend. We even started to get confident enough that we could pull off a 7-disc autonomous. But when one disc went into the hopper upside down, it shut us down and caused us to lose our final match on Saturday. We ended up as the 3rd seeded alliance and chose 3284, Camdeton Lasers and 1764, Liberty Robotics as our partners. All of the elimination matches were close with most needing 3 matches to determine a winner. We weren’t able to make it out of the quarterfinals due to strong competition from the #6 alliance.

DSC_0016 DSC_0081 (2)

All hopes of receiving an invitation to the Championship competition now rested with how the judges perceived our Chairman’s presentation. Several different judges visited our pit throughout the competition, but there was a great group of teams present in Arkansas- all deserving to win. There was no sure winner. We patiently waited throughout the awards ceremony, hoping our name would be called out to come forward and claim a trophy. Finally, our team was announced as the winner of the Engineering Inspiration award- one of the qualifying awards to attend the Championship. We are very blessed to once again make the trip to St. Louis. 3 trips in 3 years! We are so grateful to NASA, who once again is providing sponsorships to the 2013 Engineering Inspiration winners.

DSC_0085 (2)Oh, and we were honored to meet both Dr. Woodie Flowers and Dean Kamen at Razorback and get them to sign our Hero Project sign. What a great weekend and we can’t wait for St. Louis!