2013 Android App Camp

IMG_3646 Android App Camp is a week-long camp where students ranging from rising 7th graders to rising high school seniors learn to develop their own applications for Android platform phones. Students work both in teams and as individuals to learn the basics of application development and to develop numerous applications before getting the opportunity to make their very own application from scratch.

We were blessed to have instructors Victoria and Dakota, alumni from Team Driven, come and assist us during the week. The week started with students  following instructions step by step, creating simple apps such as clicking on a picture of cat and making it purr, or  learning to work  with variables by creating a stopwatch. It was through apps like these the students learned to use the software to design and create their own unique apps. After walking the students through many more scaffold apps like Lady Bug Chase and Mole Mash, they become more confident and proficient with the software.

DSC_0289Halfway through the week, with their new-found knowledge, they proceeded to brainstorm to come up with dozens of possible apps. From trivia and jokes to tic-tac-toe and car maintenance apps, the kids thought of everything possible, filling up the entire white board. Next, the students voted on their favorite ideas and grouped themselves into teams to begin their projects. The new teams were asked to give a 30 second speech, selling the rest of the camp on their app. These were called “elevator speeches.” Later the students were given a deadline to deliver a checkpoint presentation to inform the other teams on how their team is doing and if they’ve run into any problems with their app. These checkpoint presentations were crucial because they allowed the students to get input from the other teams and work together to make their app better.

DSC_0277To help promote teamwork and cohesiveness, several team-building exercises were introduced to the students. They participated in challenges such as the human knot, helium stick, and marble races, which were not only fun but helped to foster communication skills among the students.

At the end of the week, students prepared a final presentation for their parents and showed off the fruits of their hard work. Also we served punch and cupcakes and had a great time.

Huge thank you goes out to MCC-BTC for hosting us, Sprint for providing the phones and KC Power Source for assisting us in the camp! Without you guys, this wouldn’t have been possible.

 Check out this awesome YouTube video for an overview of the camp!