2013 Cow Town ThrowDown: A Rookie Perspective

DSC_0031My first time at Cow Town ThrowDown was awesome! Although I’ve attended other FRC regionals because of my brother being on the team, this was my first year actually experiencing what it’s like at an actual competition. My least favorite part is probably waking up really early.I loved watching all the robots from the previous year’s game. Even though many of them had been through a competition or two or three, they still were all up and running! It was really exciting to watch the fast climber robots that made 50 points just by climbing to the top and dumping the blue frisbees!

During the qualification matches, I assisted with scouting for the first time. I thought it was useless at first until it came time to pick alliances. It was then that I saw the usefulness of all the data that could decide the fate of our alliance.

The whole team rejoiced when we were picked by Team 1619 to be on the 4th Seed Alliance! Even though we only made it to IMG_2129quarterfinals, it was still very exiting cheering on the remaining alliances. Waiting for the scores at the end of matches got your heart pumping!

I’m happy to have gone through my first competition at an off-season rumble! This event not only showed me what a general competition is like, but it also seemed to have made new incoming rookies, like myself, mesh into one with the veterans and finally we all had the same feeling: we are proud to be on Up Next.