Week One – 2014 Build

IMG_8692Bright and early on Saturday, January 4th, Up Next headed over to Barstow School, home of Team 1939 – The Kuh-Nig-Its. After enjoying breakfast with 1939 and several other area teams we all filed into the auditorium excitedly to watch the 2014 premier of the FRC Game Challenge! We all sat on the edge of our seats as we listened to Dean and Woodie and strained our ears for last minute game hints. Next thing we knew, the 2014 game animation was revealed not only to those in the room with us, but to FRC teams all over the world! Everyone listened carefully to take in as much information as possible. As soon as the animation ended, the auditorium filled with excitement and clamor! Aerial Assist! More coopertition between alliances than ever before! And no end game? Everyone’s minds were buzzing!

Shortly after the Kickoff,  we were off to co-host the 2014 Quick Build. The purpose of a Quick Build is to help local rookie teams IMG_8776get off and running with their basic robot frame, electrical and programming systems. Teams in attendance break up into sub-teams and attend the various sessions. Mentors from Up Next led the programming and frame construction sessions and veteran team members assisted the rookie teams in attendance. At the end of the day, teams came back together and had a working kit bot!

Up Next took Sunday as a time to recuperate from the day before and to thoroughly read through the rules. Over the next two days we were split up into three sub-teams. The purpose of this was to have each team brainstorm as much of a robot as they could; everything from design to strategy. On the third night, the sub-teams joined back together and presented their hard work; a discussion followed in order to mesh the three ideas into one. Together, we listed our top priorities and made decisions on strategy, drive train and an offense mechanism.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday consisted of ordering parts, prototyping, CADing, assembling our drive train, and of course, more prototyping. On the other side of operations, the Chairman’s Team busily typed away on an all new essay as well as conducted  interviews for the Chairman’s video! We’re really excited about our 2014 video! In addition, we also nominated a mentor for our submission of the Woodie Flowers award and that essay will be started shortly.

What a busy week! I’m sure all of us are thinking and dreaming of robots 24/7. Up Next is excited to be back in the build season and even more excited for the upcoming competition season! We wish all the FRC teams good luck! We’ll see you at competition!

Check out this video made by our media team to sum up week one!