Week Two – 2014 Build

Two weeks down, four to go! The build team made great strides on our robot thisIMG_9440 week. With the drive base for our first robot already assembled, the whole build team focused on the offense mechanism. After three prototypes, they finally all agreed on one and excitedly began the construction of it! We have set the goal to complete our first robot by the end of week 3. Our all new programming team successfully coded mecanum drive for the drive base. After some test drives and tweaking, they set that code aside and worked on various programs to test the build team’s prototypes.

DSC_8891Having an all girl electrical team wasn’t such a bad idea after all! During week two they not only assembled control boards for our two robots, but they also got our CAN bus and encoders up and running. Even though our CAD team is primarily composed of rookies, they completed the robot in week 1. To keep them busy, our Hero Project team has asked for their help in the prototyping of a device for a veteran we’re working with in Nebraska. During week 2, the Chairman’s team’s focus was primarily on the 2014 essay. Next week, they plan to send the essay off to several other mentors for the beginning of the revision process!

Productivity levels were very high during week 2 and Up Next is feeling very proud and accomplished (and tired). We can’t wait to find out what week 3 has in store for us!

Coach Ousley would like to add that: week 2 was a smashing success! Shaboom.