Week Four – 2014 Build Season

Is week fIMG_0625our already over? It’s all a blur now… I’m almost positive Up Next is now solely running on chocolate milk and Red Bull. During week four we ran into some major design complications, the team is tired, and tempers are flaring. Due to the build team having to work through the design flaws, the controls team has yet to get their hands on the robot. Though we are behind schedule, it is still our hope to build a second robot this season in order to fully maximize the practice of our drive team.

DSC_00082,000 bright pink wristbands have been ordered to hand out during the Kansas City Regional and the Oklahoma City Regional. The Chairman’s team spent week four of the build season continuing to revise the 2014 essay, working on the Woodie Flowers award, and starting to compose our next sponsor newsletter. In addition, they also worked on heavily marketing our Hero Project endeavor by designing a logo, flyers, and a fancy board for FRC teams to sign and the regionals.

The 2014 build season is flying by and it won’t be long before we are walking around the regionals proudly displaying all we have worked hard for.