Week Five – 2014 Build Season

ONE WEEK LEFT! I repeat, ONE WEEK LEFT! The 2014 Snowmageddon cost Up Next three valuable days during week five. Snow days for the build team didn’t mean snow days for the Chairman’s team. They continued to communicate via Google Docs and put the final touches on the essay. Our trip to visit the veteran we’re working with in Omaha for the Hero Project was rescheduled to next week due to the weather.

IMG_0825Despite our loss time, and only having a four-day week, we manged to pull together and get back on track. Students interested in being on the drive team started thoroughly studying the rules manual in preparation for the written-portion of our drive test coming up soon. After attaching the ball collector to our robot, the build team took a step back from the robot and officially handed it off to controls to be wired and tested. The build team is now focusing on the construction of robot 2.0.

Up Next shared our facility with Boy Scouts on Saturday, who were here for a IMG_1044Merit Badge College. Because we have three Boy Scouts of our own on our team, we took part by leading a 3 hour Robotics Merit Badge session that consisted of a tour of the College, driving our robots, a talk on pneumatics by one of our coaches, and a discussion of the robotics industry.

We hope everyone is having a successful build season! We’re near the end!