Week Six – 2014 Build Season

DSC_6444We bagged our robot; as always it was an intensely emotional moment. Cullan delivered a stirring eulogy once again; we will always remember you Apollo!

Also of note, we are close to finishing our first (functional) practice robot. Now we can really compete at our first regional, the Greater Kansas City regional, instead of it being an expensive practice session. The build team is so excited that they’ve been working double time and it should be ready to drive any day now. Our drive team has been selected and the two-ball autonomous code finished thanks to the tireless work of the programming team.

IMG_0630With the essay finished and the Chairman’s video nearing completion the writing and editing sub-teams are now working like over-caffeinated beavers on designing, scripting and perfecting the presentation. The Chairman’s team finally got to go to Omaha for our Hero Project  initiative and made a lot of progress, maybe now they’ll stop grabbing everyone who walks by to proofread the presentation script.