2014 Greater Kansas City Regional

IMG_3942It was a thrilling couple of days at the 2014 Greater Kansas City Regional in its BRAND NEW venue, the MCC BTC! We will always miss Hale Arena and the jokes we made about it, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time this year. The competition was tougher than ever and I will always remember the match where Team Titanium’s robot got caught in the surgical tubing on our robot. Everyone had a laugh at that and the match was up on YouTube in a matter of seconds. We were reminded that Kansas City is one of the toughest regionals when we  had to replace all four wheels and the entire frame for the arm due to a gigantic dent. But Apollo survived it all and made it to the semi-Finals with our good friends Team 1939 – Kuh-Nig-Its and Team 1825 – Metro Homeschool Robotics.


IMG_0222Friday saw our pit filled almost every minute of the day! We had Judges of all kinds, family and even U.S. Navy Recruiters, who dropped off a bag full of water bottles and lanyards. State Representative Ken Wilson even stopped by to talk to us!



2014-03-15_231316Once we got kicked out of the semi-finals, all hope was placed in our three Chairman’s presenters. When it came time for the Award’s ceremony, we all sat patiently and anxiously… Waiting for our named to be called. It seemed to be thee longest award ceremony ever… When our announcer started reading the description of the Chairman’s Award, we scooted to the edges of our seats. Recognizing a line from our Chairman’s script, the presenters turned to one another, and smiled as tears filled their eyes. There are no words to describe how our team felt when we were announced as the 2014 Kansas City Regional Chairman’s Award winner. Man…what a title. No doubt that that was the greatest moment of the season. We are so blessed… Thank you, God.