2014 Oklahoma Regional

Last year we had a blast at the Inaugural Razorback Regional down in Arkansas, but this year for our away regional we decided to attend the Oklahoma Regional, which we won with an amazing alliance back in 2012. We were excited to reunite with some of our favorite Oklahoma teams, especially our friends the Ninja Munkees, a team on our 2012 winning alliance!


Up Next steps up our Scouting Game year after year. Our smaller size doesn’t stop us from gathering accurate scouting data. We love being able to share our useful data with other teams. Because we didn’t have to present for the Chairman’s Award after winning it at the KC Regional, the Chairman’s team kept busy by visiting pits and inviting teams to join our initiative — The Hero Project. We were able to get three teams really interested in being a part of this project! This is very exciting since every team we partner with will greatly increase the scope and impact of the project. Our beloved robot Apollo held together very well throughout qualification matches! Because of this, we were on the number one seeded alliance and made it all the way to the finals. And boy were those last three matches INTENSE! Being Regional Finalists was definitely okay with us! Congrats to the winning alliance! We’ll see you guys at the Championship!