2014 Android App Camp


Last year we set a high bar of success for our Android App Camp and this year’s camp did not disappoint. We had twenty six awesome students come to learn Android App development using the MIT App Inventor 2.  They first made basic apps like Pitch Counter, Texting and Timer to learn central concepts of application development. These were used as scaffold apps which more advanced ones like Ladybug Chase, No Texting While Driving, Mole Mash and Pinball were built upon.

10543131_552345418226326_686728569_n The last two days of camp were some of the most exciting and saw the campers team up to design and program their own apps, including a multi-level Ball Maze and a Photobooth. We also took breaks for team building exercises, which helped teach the kids to work together and think like programmers. These included Human Knot, which teaches teamwork; Silent Sorting, by names or favorite movies; and Green Glass Door, which is a fun logic puzzle.

I really love the App Camp, it is an amazing experience to see the campers brainstorm idea after idea for their own apps and then turn the best of those ideas into reality. Here’s to next year!!!