2014 FLL Camp


This year, we ran our first FLL Camp! This is a big step for our team as we start to use camps more and more as an income source and to raise public awareness about FIRST. We had eleven awesome kids ranging from nine to fifteen years old. They were a blast to teach! We divided them into three teams, the Strikers, the Tornado Guardians, and the Aqua Avengers. Each team had to build their own robot, brainstorm a project and give a presentation about it.

On Monday, we gave a basic overview about FIRST and FLL, taught central robot concepts and had a visit from Chris Suchan, the Chief Meteorologist from Channel 5. The next
day, the teams started work on their robots and picked out a unique weather-related problem and solution for their research project. Wednesday, we got to see the kids finish their robot, which they began to program, begin to design tri-fold boards to showcase their project, and plan out their presentations.DSC_0099 - Copy

The teams were putting the finishing touches on their research board and presentation on Thursday before showing them to their families the next day. Friday morning was frantic as the kids worked out all the last minute bugs on the robot and programming along with practicing their presentations. But they all had a fun time and the parents were so excited to see what their kids were up to all week. We even had some of the College staff and a reporter from Channel 41 attend the presentation and film the robot runs.