2015 Kickoff Day



IT’S KICKOFF DAY! The start of the 2015 Build Season, the start to nothing on our minds but ROBOTS, and the start to six weeks of no sleep. Aaaahh, what an exciting time. So here’s how our day went:


Bright and early in the morning we ventured to Barstow High School to join Team Kuh-nig-its, and several other teams for breakfast and the revealing of the 2015 Game Challenge. After being introduced to Recycle Rush, we rushed to Garmin to set up for Quick Build and retrieve our Kit of Parts. We were once again blessed to lead the programming and mechanical sessions. Our electrical team greatly enjoyed playing with and setting up the new controls systems! (They also temporarily lost our new $600 crimper) As always, after spending several hours working hard in each session, everyone came together at the end to see the final product – a workable drive-able chassis. We love helping out at Quick Build each year and it gives our rookies the opportunity to learn some valuable information before the hectic Build Season.

At the end of the day, we went to a nearby team member’s house for relaxation, dinner and strategizing! What. A. Day.

Up Next wishes everyone the best of luck during this Build Season and we’ll see you on the Competition field!