Mid-Build Season Update

We cannot believe build season is already halfway through! Here is a summary of what’s happened in the past three weeks:

The build season began by gathering for breakfast and fellowship at the home of FRC Team 1939, The Kuh-Nig-Its. We assembled in the auditorium to watch the kickoff broadcast. We were pleasantly surprised with this year’s game. It is very diverse with many challenges.

After kickoff we drove to Garmin to assist rookie teams with Quick Build. At this event, teams break into sub-teams to build a drive base, wire a control board, and get their programming software up and running. In addition, there was a strategy session where teams went over the rules.

To begin week one, we determined the strategy we wanted to approach for this year’s game. We decided that for our primary goal, we wanted to be able to breach as many defenses as possible- including the low bar. After building the mock defenses, prototyping began!

The Media and Chairman’s team worked on FedEx Challenges, as well as a design for our team standard. Instead of buttons this year, we decided to go back to our traditional wristbands for promotional give-aways at competitions. We also submitted our Woodie Flowers and Chairman’s essays.

While the Build team is busy constructing and testing, the control’s team patiently waits and keeps themselves busy by discussing approaches on how to keep electrical components secured to the bot while crossing various defenses.

So far, so good! Here is our mid-build season video: Team Up Next (Mid-Season – 2016)