2016 Greater Kansas City Regional


This past weekend we attended our “home regional”, the Greater Kansas City Regional. We’ve gone to this regional every year of our team’s existence and it has been amazing every time. Since load-in and pit setup were Wednesday evening, we had more time Thursday to get the robot together. We bagged our drive train, but withheld our controls board and arm, so there was a lot of work to do.




Unfortunately, putting ‘Maximus’ back together took most of the day, and we didn’t get inspected until afternoon. Once we got inspected, we rushed to the practice field to put in a few matches. Which, well, went okay. All during build season, we had some trouble with the new radios, and that transitioned into this competition. We had trouble connecting to the field a lot, but once we got going, we did really well independently.




Our robot can autonomously go over the majority of the defenses, and in teleop, can independently do A, B, and D categories, the low bar, and the drawbridge. Once we had our robot up and working, we did really well on this, and can take down the outer works with assistance or on our own. We also score in the low goal, carrying balls over the defenses and quickly scoring. We had some amazing matches, and in the quarterfinals, had scores as high as 102.



We had an amazing drive team who pushed through every match, even with field and robot connection issues. Friday had us busy getting on the field, only to rush back to the pits to make adjustments, tighten bolts, and even replace some electrical sensors and wires. Scouters kept busy in the stands, students in the pits were busy talking to judges, and assisting other teams as needed.



Our Chairman’s presenters spent most of the day practicing before presenting to the judges Friday afternoon. They did amazing and the judges even kept them overtime asking them questions! Although we didn’t win the Chairman’s award, we got some positive feedback from the judges and we are excited to present in Illinois!


Saturday came around and we did amazing in our last two qualification matches of the day. When it was time for alliance selection, we solidly held 12th seed out of 59 teams! In the stands, the whole team held their breath, waiting to see if we’d be chosen. Much to our surprise – and excitement – Team 1730, Driven, turned down an alliance with the second seed team to choose us as their first pick. We were excited to compete with the third member of our alliance, Team 2346, Cel-Techs!

Our alliance did really well, even though we didn’t make it past the quarterfinals. We had a great score one match of 102 points, and it was a lot of fun. In the end, we didn’t qualify for the 2016 World Championship, but it doesn’t really matter. The regional was a great experience and now we’re ready to take on the Central Illinois Regional in Peoria, Illinois! Wish us luck!