Basket Case

Up Next is ready to take on a new season! As a team building exercise, the coaches came up with a mock game called Basket Case. Just like a game FIRST would release at the beginning of build season, we were given a brief summary of the game and were then handed a manual full of game and robot rules. This was a great way to introduce the few rookies to what a typical first week of build season would be like on Team Up Next.

As a team, we decided to read the rules aloud together in order to make sure everyone understood and then proceeded to map out the field and dimensions. Many students were quick to pitch ideas while we read through the rules. By the end of the first night we had decided on a strategy and drive-train!

The next week we came together with ideas on how to design our hypothetical robot to complete the tasks in our strategy. Although we had some far fetched concepts, everyone was able to spawn off each other’s ideas to come up with something even better. Everything that was in our heads started taking form…on paper, but that was all we needed to show to our coaches.

A few things we took away from this activity are: reading the rules as a team is a sure way to eliminate confusion, integrating all sub-teams (such as programming, build, and electrical) will make brainstorming the robot a more cohesive experience, and lastly, we learned the importance of sharing ideas no matter how bizarre they may seem!