Take a “Byte” Out of Hunger – 2016

 On November 29th, we had our fifth annual Take a “Byte” Out of Hunger service project held at Harvesters Food Bank. Each of our members were eager to help. Our team arrived and the staff had us sanitize our hands before splitting us up into three teams. The first team was tasked with counting oranges and putting them into boxes in sets of thirty.

The second team was responsible for filling cardboard boxes with 15 Lbs. snacks and breakfast bars to be sent to the BackSnack program. Last but not least, comes our third team. They were first tasked with quality control. They finished this task, and then were asked to put 20 Lbs. of assorted food products in glass jars into boxes. Overall it was a great experience and we got to give our time and effort to help our community.