2017 Kickoff/Quickbuild

The 2016 season and off-season flew by fast! Whether your team is ready for it or not, the 2017 FRC Season Kickoff has come and Up Next is pumped!


FRC Team 1939 – The Barstow Kuhnigits was gracious to invite us to their kickoff event for breakfast, fellowship, and a massive rock-paper-scissors tournament! Sad to say that our team wasn’t very good, but we were in good spirits, for we were ready to see the 2017 Kickoff broadcast. We were blown away with this year’s challenge, STEAMWORKS, and all of its complexities!


Following the game reveal we headed to Garmin to help host the Kansas City Quickbuild, an event where teams come together on the afternoon of Kickoff day and build a working drive base in a matter of hours using their kit of parts received from FIRST. Our students and mentors led sessions on JAVA programming, electrical, and build. Everyone had a great time connecting with other teams and discussing this year’s game challenge.


Good luck to all teams competing! Full STEAM ahead!