LED Lightbulbs

FIRST Green ewatt

In addition to the support of our sponsors, our team participates in the FIRST Green e-watt Saver LED light-bulb program. Up Next is currently selling the 800 lumen e-watt saver bulbs which are competitively priced at $10 and include all sales taxes.

cree-led-bulb-back_1024x1024FIRST teams raise funds by earning profit on each e-watt saver sold. The bulbs are made by Cree, who provides a limited ten-year warranty. These omni-directional bulbs are dimmable to 5% light output and are over six times as efficient as a regular sixty watt bulb. With an expected life of 25,000 hours, which is over thirty-three times as long as a traditional incandescent and more than twice as long as a Compact Fluorescent. The e-watt bulbs have no mercury or lead.

Lightbulb info sheet
(This an older bulb model but it showcases the awesome design these things have)

 To purchase these bulbs and support our team please contact us!