Our Values


We seek to maximize the effectiveness of all of our student team members, and to fully utilize the strengths and capabilities of our students, mentors, sponsors, and parents.

We inspire team members, mentors, and coaches to be always growing, always improving our processes, our products, and ourselves. We strive to always give our best effort, and inspire others to give their best effort. Excellence is a valuable characteristic, and is the culture of Team Up Next.

Hard Work
We realize that excellence does not come easy, and is attained through hard work. Coaches and mentors of Team Up Next inspire the student team members to set clear and challenging goals, and work hard to achieve these goals.

We cherish and protect our reputation for honesty, fairness, and ethical conduct. We refuse to compromise our integrity and we maintain our high personal standards of conduct in all circumstances.

Christian World View
We endeavor to integrate a faithful Christian World View into all that we do. Specifically, team members, coaches, mentors, and parents desire to conduct themselves with the Christian graces of mercy, care, and compassion throughout every level of learning, living, and service.