About Our Students (2012 Season)

Jack is a junior this year. This is his second year competing in FRC. He was a critical part of the build team last year. Outside of robotics, he plays competitive tennis year-round and is a nationally ranked tournament player. He takes dual-credit classes at Metropolitan Community College and plans to become an aerospace engineer. (team captain, build)

Rachel is also a junior this year. She will be working on marketing and team image for Up Next! She is also president of her 4-H club and competes in 4-H Shooting Sports at the state level. She runs track and is training to run a half-marathon next year. Inspired by her experience with FRC and concerned about the country’s obesity problem, she is planning a career in Agricultural Engineering or Food Science. (team captain, promotional, awards)

David is in his second year on FIRST Team 3528, Up Next! Last year he helped with building and media. He is also one of the drivers. He is excited to have experience with FRC, having learned all about pneumatics, electronics, drive trains, heavy machinery, and more. David is the designer for our pit and also helps with our media team. (build, promotional)

Stephen is sixteen, home-schooled, and attends Metropolitan Community College. He has taken classes in computer programming and will be the key programmer for the team. He was on an FLL robotics team for three years and is on his third year of FTC. This is his first year at the FRC level. FIRST has given him a passion for science and technology that would have been hard to get from another source. (programming, electrical, awards)

Colin is sixteen years old and this is his first year of FRC. He also has participated in three years of FLL and two years of FTC. He has been home-schooled since third grade and is now taking classes at the Metropolitan Community College. He plays piano and used to competitively swim. (rules protocol, build)

Dillon is a senior in high-school and is taking classes at Metropolitan Community College. This is his second year on the team. Outside of robotics, Dillon enjoys watching Doctor Who, playing videos games and listening to music. He also plays bass guitar. Dillon will be participating in the controls team this year.  (electrical)

Jeanette is fifteen years old and a sophomore in high-school. This is her first year on Up Next! but her second year on a FRC team. She was a member of Wave Robotics in Oshkosh, WI last year. She helps with the build and electrical teams. Outside of robotics, she is involved in softball and golf and she loves to ski. She also enjoys reading gratuitous amounts of books, writing, and singing. (electrical, build)

Zach quickly developed into the chief CAD expert on Up Next! last year. His expertise served the team well and he will be teaching other team members CAD this year. Outside of robotics, he plays the violin, runs track, and plays and referees soccer. He also enjoys reading the classics. (CAD)

Emily is fifteen, a sophomore, and this is her first year on FIRST Team 3528. She watched her dad and brother on the team last year and is excited to be a part of it this year. Outside of robotics she is a team leader for a Christian girls group called Challenge. (website, safety captain, awards)

Cullan is thirteen years old and this is his first year in FRC. Before FRC, he was in FLL for two years. In his second year of FLL, his team took 3rd place for their research project at the World Championship in 2011. He leads worship for kids at his Church and loves to draw, listen to music, play basketball, and play guitar in his free time. His family has been involved with FIRST for ten years now. (build, website, awards)

Shannon is so excited to be on Up Next! this year! Shannon is learning CAD and is part of the electrical team. Her favorite subjects are science and math and is anxious to learn about different job possibilities through FIRST. She is a volunteer at a local food pantry, runs track, and leads worship for kids at her church. She is also rebuilding a Willys MB US Army Jeep with her grandpa. (electrical, awards, assistant safety captain)

Chris is a junior at Park Hill high-school and this is his rookie year on FIRST Team 3528. He is one of the builders for our team. Chris enjoys playing bass guitar, piano, and repairing cars outside of robotics. (build)
Joe is 14, home-schooled and a freshman in high-school. This is his first year on a FRC Team. Joe is apart of the build team. Outside of robotics Joe enjoys fishing, hunting and paint balling. (build)